Email Marketing 203: Segmenting Your Targets and Growing Your Email List

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Think about the brands that you are loyal to. Why are you loyal? Do you feel like they know you? In this course we’ll show you how to segment your audience(s) and provide you with examples of tools that will enable you to hone in on your supporters and serve them the right message at the right time through the right modality. The more you wrap yourself around your supporters, the more you and they will feel the love!

Prerequisites: We strongly recommend you have completed Email Marketing 101: How to Get Started Building Your Email Marketing Strategy and Email Marketing 201: Goal Setting and Benchmarking before taking this course.

*Course fee is non-refundable

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After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. understand and apply the steps to segment your org’s audience
  2. understand and apply best practices in managing your organization’s email lists
  3. identify best practices in communicating with your organization’s specific audiences
  4. understand the appropriate email marketing channel to use to communicate with your organization’s specific audiences

About the course

This 200-level on-demand course offers self-paced content for the advanced beginner. This can include videos, self-assessments, activities, checklists, links to external resources, handouts, live events and quizzes. All course content is available for at least one year, or until the course content is no longer relevant. Live events are always recorded and archived in the course for you to access at your convenience. We recommend completion of Email Marketing 101 or similar experience.

You can gain TechPoints by accessing and interacting with course content such as watching a video, completing an evaluation and clicking on links. This course requires you to earn 40 TechPoints to access your course certification.

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Email Marketing 203: Segmenting Your Targets and Growing Your Email List