Tech Training for Nonprofits

Course Price:$10 Kes.1050

This on-demand course will prepare you to build and deliver technology training for your staff and volunteers. The course features videos, activities, a live event with training experts, templates, and short quizzes to help you learn about developing training for your staff and volunteers. Please note the course may take you a more or less time, depending upon how quickly you move through the content. 

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and identify the basics of tech change management.
  • Explain and apply effective training techniques for adult learners.
  • Identify and apply steps to build tech training using an instructional learning model. 
  • Understand the benefits and features of common training and education products.
  • Understand how to write measurable learning objectives. 
  • Create learning objectives and a basic training plan. 

*Course fee is non-refundable

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Tech Training for Nonprofits